Python Print Function


The Python print function outputs text in the Python shell. This is the first step in teaching kids how to think through coding. As kids write simple output statements they learn how to problem-solve one line at a time. This package gives you everything: student handouts, 7 PowerPoint lessons, 1 assessment and answer keys.

This is the first of 4 resources. It is intended for students with little or no background in computer programming. Concepts and skills have been broken down into short chunks. Students are given short code fragments to explore, followed by questions to consolidate their learning. Students are also asked to reflect on their learning and provided terminology to begin a programming dictionary.

πŸ’₯ This package has NO PREREQUISITES πŸ’₯

*** Concepts in this Package ***

✀ What is programming? ✀ Strings vs math
✀ High-level vs low-level languages ✀ Strings: double vs single quotations
✀ User-defined functions ✀ Syntax errors
✀ Code organization ✀ Compilation errors
✀ IPO cycle ✀ Python:
✀ Arithmetic operators β—†Β print( )
✀ BEDMAS/PEMDAS β—†Β string vs numeric output

** English UK and English US **

First page of the student handout.

What you get!

βœ” A Package Description
βœ” Answer Keys
βœ” 7 PowerPoint Lessons & Lesson Notes
βœ” Student Handout Package
βœ” 1 Assessment +
β—†  1 Assessment with a KICA* marking scheme
βœ” 2 Rubrics (including a KICA* version)
βœ” 1 Student Reflections & Student Dictionary
βœ” BONUS: Python File Names PowerPoint

Editable Handouts!

This package includes an EDITABLE version of the following:
✍ Student Handout Package
✍ Assessment
✍ Assessment with a KICA* marking scheme
✍ Rubrics
✍ Student Reflections & Student Dictionary


This item has an alternate marking scheme which has been broken down into 4 categories: Knowledge, Thinking/Inquiry, Communication and Application.

Print Function Editable Unit

This resource package is also available as a bundled unit.

  1. Print Function Editable Resource Package
  2. Print Function Syntax Editable Resource Package
  3. Print Function Exit Ticket Editable Resource Package
  4. Print Function Test Resource Editable Package


Python The Print Function Resource Package by Janice Dyke is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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