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I have tons of coding resources for school or home school environments.

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This is a catch-all for anything computer related.

This is the 21st Century. Everyone needs to learn how to use a computer AND how to program one!

I created this website to share my knowledge about teaching and, more specifically, teaching computer science.

I have several separate blogs on various programming languages and I will be adding to them on a regular basis. Click on one of the links below or select the Teaching button in the menu.

I also sell my curriculum resources on Teachers Pay Teachers. I spent thirty years perfecting them as well as my teaching technique.

Right now I have introductory courses for Python, Python Turtle and Turing. I will also be adding resources for Pre-AP Java and AP Java. Click on this Resources link or select the Resources button in the menu.

If you want some fun things for your kids, I created some coding and logic gates BOOM card decks and Google slides pixel art for kids to hone their Boolean Algebra skills.

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