Teach Kids How To Code: Python Print Function Resource

Python Programming Language

Python is a text-based language. The Python print function resource has activities designed to teach kids their first simple output function.

Python Print Function

The Python print function outputs text in its own shell. This is the first step in teaching kids how to think through coding. As kids write simple output statements they learn how to problem solve one line at a time.

What Do Kids Need To Already Know?

Kids (and teachers!) don’t need to know anything about coding. This resource starts at the very beginning and explains why coding is so important.

What Do Kids Learn?

The activities cover the following concepts:

✤ What is programming?
✤ What is a programming language?
✤ High level vs low-level languages
✤ Main Program
✤ User-Defined Functions
✤ Code Organization
✤ IPO Cycle
✤ Arithmetic Operators
✤ Strings vs Math
✤ Strings: double vs single quotations
✤ Python:
◆ print( )
◆ string vs numeric output

What Do Teachers/Parents Need To Know?

The best thing about these resources is that you can learn along with the kids. There are also some Python blog posts that you might be interested in.

Suggested Timeline

It should take most students two 75 minute periods to complete both the activities as well as the assessment.

python-print-function-online-learning-resource Online Learning Resource

This resource is ideal for independent students. It has seven embedded videos so students can easily review concepts.

The student handout includes:

video-button 6 Embedded Videos
video-button 1 Embedded Video for English UK
✔ Python Installation Instructions
✔ Textboxes for Student Responses
✔ English UK where applicable

Teacher Instructions

The teacher handout explains what pages have been included for English UK vs US as well as the two types of marking schemes. Teachers can then remove any unnecessary pages before students receive the package.

python-print-function-print-online-learning-resource Print & Online Format Package

This package was originally created for classroom use. However, it now allows teachers to use the student handout in either an LMS system or emailed directly to students.

This package includes:

✔ A Package Description
✔ Answer Keys
✔ 6 Google Slides⭐ Lessons & Lesson Notes
✔ 1 Google Slides⭐ Lesson English UK
✔ Student Handout Package
✔ 1 Assessment +
◆  1 Alternate Assessment with a KICA* marking scheme
✔ 2 Rubrics (including a KICA* version)
✔ 1 Student Reflections & Student Dictionary

⭐ Google Slides can easily be converted to PowerPoint presentations and vice versa. For more information check out these videos:

Google Classroom: Convert PowerPoint Presentations to Google Slides
Microsoft OneDrive: Convert Google Slides to PowerPoint Presentations

Print & Online Advantages

Why should you purchase this resource? It as three things the online learning package doesn’t:

This package also includes an EDITABLE version of the following:
Answer Keys
Rubrics and Marking Schemes
Editable activities and assessments

python-print-function-unit1 Python Print Function Resource: Full Unit

Why not go all the way? The full unit is discounted by 20%.

There are four resources within this unit. It includes:

Python Print Function
Python Print Function Syntax
Python Print Function Exit Ticket/Culminating Activity
Python Print Function Test (4 versions)

View a preview video of this unit!

Resources UPDATED October 2020.

What’s The Next Resource?

The next step is to explore Python’s print function. There are several different ways to enhance this command. To view the next resource in this unit: Python Print Function Syntax.

What’s The Next Unit?

Unit 2 introduces Turtle graphics commands. Turtle has great graphics capabilities. It uses all four quadrants of the Cartesian plane to draw which is a great way to reinforce co-ordinate math.