Teach Kids How To Code: Python Print Function Test

Python Programming Language

The Python Print Function Test lets kids demonstrate their mastery with the print function.

Python Print Function Test

Can they control screen output? This package tests their knowledge and understanding of the concepts and skills taught in these resource packages: the Python Print Function and Python Print Function Syntax Resource Packages.

What Do Kids Need To Already Know?

These concepts were covered in the Python Print Function and Python Print Function Syntax Resources:

✔ User-Defined Functions, Main Program
✔ Code Organization
✔ IPO Cycle
✔ Program Planning
✔ Debugging
✔ Arithmetic Operators
✔ Syntax/Compilation Errors
✔ Logic Errors
✔ Integer vs float values
✔ Strings vs Math
✔ Strings: double vs Single quotations
✔ Python:
◆ print( )
◆ string vs numeric output
◆ outputting & controlling strings and numeric data
◆ , (comma)
◆ * xx (repetition)

What Do Teachers/Parents Need To Know?

The best thing about these resources is that you can learn along with the kids. There are also some Python blog posts that you might be interested in.

Suggested Timeline

It should take most students two 75 minute periods to complete the test. Allocate one period for the test review, and one for the test.

python-print-function-test-print-digital-learning-resource Print & Digital Format Package

This package was originally created for classroom use. However, it now allows teachers to use the student handout in either an LMS system or emailed directly to students.

This package includes:

✔ A Package Description
✔ 1 PowerPoint⭐ Review Lesson
✔ 4 Versions of a Print Function Test +
◆  4 Alternate Versions with a KICA* marking scheme
✔ Test Solutions and Answer Keys
✔ 4 Code Solution Test files

⭐ PowerPoint presentations can easily be converted to Google Slides and vice versa. For more information check out these videos:

Google Classroom: Convert PowerPoint Presentations to Google Slides
Microsoft OneDrive: Convert Google Slides to PowerPoint Presentations

python-print-function-unit1 Python Print Function Resource: Full Unit

Why not go all the way? The full unit is discounted by 20%.

Python Print Function
Python Print Function Syntax
Python Print Function Exit Ticket/Culminating Activity
Python Print Function Test (4 versions)

View a preview video of this unit!

Resources UPDATED September 2020.

What’s The Next Unit?

Unit 2 introduces Turtle graphics commands. Turtle has great graphics capabilities. It uses all four quadrants of the Cartesian plane to draw which is a great way to reinforce co-ordinate math.